3 Easy Ways to Re-energize as a Homeschooling Mom

Re-Energize Your Homeschool

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As a homeschooling mom, I get to enjoy being with my children. All day. Every day. That’s every single day. Days that are full of fun activities and learning experiences, and days when attitudes and tempers are running wild. Days when I feel reassured that my decision to homeschool was the right one, and days when I sit with my head in my hands and wonder just what it is I’m doing.

3 Easy Ways to Re-energize as a Homeschooling Mom

While we love our kids, there are those days when we need to just step away and take a break.  It might be for a couple of hours, an afternoon or evening, or a day. But when you do take that time for Mom, don’t feel guilty; give yourself permission to take time to re-energize, re-focus, or just find some mental relief. Here are some ideas that have worked well for me and some of my homeschooling friends over the years.

Babysit Each Other’s Children

When all of my children were small, a friend and I decided to babysit for each other. Once a week, one of us would take our children to the other’s home at 9:00 am. That mom would plan activities and provide lunch for the kids, taking care of them until 1:00 pm. The following week, the mom who had been babysitting would leave her children with the mom who had gone out. This gave each of us four hours of uninterrupted time twice a month to do whatever we needed or wanted to do, whether it was grocery shopping, running errands, cleaning the house, or just sitting at home reading a good book.

Implement a Daddy’s Night

As my children grew older, the school days became busier, so it was harder to swap childcare. So we started Daddy’s Night. Once a week, usually on a Saturday night, I left Dad at home with the kids, a movie, and some frozen pizza, and I went shopping or spent time at the library. He was in charge of feeding them, getting them ready for bed, and making sure they all went to sleep. And then I came home. 🙂

Start a Book Club

A friend of mine started a book club just for moms. They meet one night a month at a local coffee shop. The book is assigned the month before, and it’s usually one everyone can pick up at the library. Then the moms meet for two hours or so over coffee, talk about the book, and enjoy each other’s company. This has become so popular that they outgrew their first meeting place and had to move to a bigger one.

What are some ways you find time to re-energize as a homeschooling mom?

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