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We just returned from a three-week trip to the northeast of the country. We explored a lot, enjoyed a good bit of it and walked away with some new knowledge.  The exploration was fruitful in part because of the help of a a site I heard about through a friend.

We visited so many places, a lot of them off the beaten path, that it would have been quite a job just to gather the information to plan our visit in the most efficient and enjoyable way possible. We used 50States.com which is, as far as we are concerned, a super reference for traveling or just to learn.  Chuck full of information and facts about each of the fifty United States. It also has links to each state homepage making it a one stop site to research as you please. The site also features maps, weather information, lists of colleges, city guides, local newspapers, and more. It was extremely helpful on our trip.


50states.com is simple and easy to use. Easy-to-navigate, the site has banner ads on each page, they don’t take forever to load.


Organized by state, each state a link to to main state site,  then links to handy Yellow Pages and White Pages search tools are at the top of each page. The links lead to state information such as symbols, maps, genealogical information, driving information, current events, and much more.


State flags, birds, biographies of important people, facts and trivia are also provided. There is also a study tools area with other geography sites.


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