A Beka Grammar

A beka Grammar

While there are many different types of grammar books available, A Beka grammar has worked well for our family. It’s become a staple in our eclectic mix of curricula.

I start my children off in a formal grammar workbook in fourth grade, beginning with Book A. The first lessons in this program focus on learning about sentences and fragments. Next are three writing units, which include activities for writing letters and addressing envelopes, gathering information, and writing reports. The rest of the book covers punctuation, capitalization, as well as parts of speech. Overall, it’s a good introduction to grammar.

The fifth and sixth grade books (B and C) are formatted in a similar way, reviewing the information learned in the first book and moving on to other concepts. The books continue through middle school and on into high school.

I’ve heard from some other homeschoolers that the A Beka program isn’t very interesting to their children — there are a lot of workbook exercises and a lot of repetition. Those are the two reasons I like the curriculum so much.

Other subjects we do, such as history and science, lend themselves easily to activities and experiments that we can do together, but these can take a lot of time and preparation. I’m also always helping someone with his or her math and/or reading. So having a grammar book that the children can work through with only a minimal amount of instruction from me is just what we need. And though the practice exercises may not be the most exciting, the repetition is good for my students in helping them remember and review what they’ve learning.

So if you’re looking for a grammar curriculum, you might want to give the A Beka program a try. The company often travels to various cities to display their books so you can preview and order them. You can also order directly from the company online, or even find books at a discount on eBay or Amazon.

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