A New Year, A New Start for Homeschooling

A New Year, A New Start

If you’re like me, the holidays are a busy time with family and friends, and the schoolwork gets less attention. While we enjoy the Christmas season, we need the change in the calendar page to give us the boost we need to start again. If the holidays got your family a little off-track too, here are some things that might help:

Set Some Homeschooling Goals

It’s fun to look at a list of goals at the end of a year and see how far you’ve come. But to do that, you have to set them first. This is a great activity for any age. Sit down with your children and encourage them to think of some goals for this year. The goals can include academic ones, such as reading a whole series of books or writing an original short story.  They can be goals to work on character traits, such as “play with my little sister every day” (kindness) or “help with Meals on Wheels” (compassion). They could be financial goals, like saving up for a particular toy or game. They can even be fun goals, such as taking a trip to the beach. Be sure to include both individual goals and family goals.

Use That Planner!

I’ve found that as the holidays draw closer, my school-related organizational skills seem to disappear. Use the new year to start planning anew.  Write down assignments ahead of time so your children know just what they need to work on each day.

Mark That Calendar!

Take a breath and take a break! Choose days when you and your children can explore with a field trip or two. Make a note of any other special holidays coming up. Mark them on a calendar they can see well. Children love counting down the days!

Sometimes a homeschooling school year needs a fresh start, and the new year is the perfect time to do just that. What are some ways your family starts off the new year?

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