A Small Act of Service

Nursing HomeEvery so often, we gather with a group of friends and plan a presentation for the residents of a nearby nursing home. The children sing, play instruments, and recite poetry, and at the conclusion we talk to the residents individually.

We had planned such an activity in August, but only two families with a total of six children were able to participate. We decided that the group was too small, and so we canceled the program for the day.

Then I began to think… why was it too small? The residents wouldn’t have cared — they were always glad just to have the children come for a visit. So I scheduled another presentation and decided we’d keep the appointment, even if we were the only ones who were able to go.

It was good that I had made that resolve from the beginning, because what started out as a four-family activity dwindled into a one-family program. I had told my children this might happen (sicknesses and emergencies do come up) and that we needed to be prepared in case it did. This time, we were.

We opened our program with two songs that we all sang, with the microphone going to my five-year-old. My three older children then took turns playing their musical instruments, going in order from youngest to oldest. We continued this rotation another two times (singing a song in between), and ended with another three songs. We had about five minutes at the end to walk around, greet, and hug the residents who were there.

To us, it wasn’t much — just a mom and four children making music in a nursing home on a Wednesday morning. But to the residents, it was much more — it was a family that came to share with them on a Wednesday morning. And though it may have seemed small to us, we’ll never really know just how big it was for someone else.

Guest Blogger: Samantha Bell

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