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If your family is like ours, you enjoy using unit studies from time to time, especially around the holidays. Sometimes we create our own, and sometimes we purchase them. If you’re looking for a unit study to use this holiday season, visit Amanda Bennett’s site at

The name Amanda Bennett has long been associated with unit studies for homeschooling. And visiting her site, it’s no wonder. There you’ll find unit studies for all sorts of subjects your children might be interested in, including digital photography, trains, auto racing, and scrapbooking. There are unit studies for children who love animals, featuring horses or dogs. You can also choose from several topics ideal for politically charged years such as this one, including American Government and elections. And, of course, you’ll find unit studies for the holidays, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and patriotic holidays.

All of the unit studies can be purchased as an instant download or as a CDROM, and those in a printed paperback format can be purchased from Other helpful resources are also available, such as the Unit Study Journal for record keeping and tracking progress, as well as the e-book Unit Studies 101 to help you design and create your own unit studies. You can also find helpful tips and ideas right on the site, including  sample lessons and a free newsletter.
With the busyness and excitement of the holiday season, working on unit studies is a good way to keep young minds interested and learning. Even if you don’t usually use unit studies, you can set aside a week or two to delve into something different. You might allow your child to choose the topic, or you might choose a topic you’ve been intending to teach but just haven’t had the time to fit it in. Either way, the resources by Amanda Bennett are great place to start!

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