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We love applications and are constantly on the lookout for some great ones to introduce to our children- a year old and 10 years old.  There are so many apps available that trying to figure out which ones are the best for us has been near to impossible.  Fortunately, I just got tuned into this homeschooling mom who started a website where she reviews and rates apps for children and also tracks sales and specials!  Apps for Homeschooling ( is a marvel.  I can’t believe this woman has four children, homeschools them and still manages to run such a thorough and helpful site.

The site is structured in several ways that make searching a breeze. I can search by age, price, subject, cost, device, ratings, specials, giveaways, new apps and golden apps. There is even a development services section! I have, since going to her site, downloaded several free and a couple inexpensive apps that are fun and most assuredly educational.

For my toddler-Scribble Kid (Ipad) which is a free drawing app that provides a digital surface for children to draw and color on.

For my ten year old- Battle With the Bugs (Iphone) which teaches anatomy, immune system, nutrition and health via a Human Body Detective stories, in which two sisters travel into the bodies of family members, always resulting in adventure and problem solving.

I am looking forward to the next car ride or doctor’s visit, when I can whip out these apps to keep the kids entertained but still learning.
Article By Nuria Almeida

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