Art Study

Breaking art study into small manageable parts has done wonders for my sons retention of information and his interest level. It’s helped him learn about art very quickly without taking a lot of time- but the time we have spent can best be described as quality time.

Art Study

I noted this mostly from his reaction the other day when we passed a local art museum and pointing at the billboard, he exclaimed,”Hey!  That’s a Rembrandt!”  And I noted with pleasure that he was right.  And he wasn’t coerced into remembering it.

This past year we have stocked up on art books from donations from friends and family, garage sales, library sales, clearances and thrift stores. Of course the Internet is a great resource but it seems to me kids like holding the “picture” books.

We use art calendars, art screen savers, art sticker books ( etc.  We have also put up a lot of reproduction prints around the house and incorporated them into our studies. To allow for maximum exposure, some of these prints are small, such as postcards.

At a garage sale recently, we found art go fish cards, puzzles and board games.  These are a great addition to our art studies, for surreptitious instruction.

We also concentrate on an artist and learn the biography,timeline and works. We have created several art scrapbooks to have some hands on projects. An artist study scrapbook is creative book to showcase what was learned about a painting or an artist. We also attempt to paint in the style we are learning about as well.  We drew a Rembrandt – I believe that made the difference in how great he retained the information.

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Article by Nuria Almeida

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