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About Alison Huggins

Alison lives in Georgia with her husband, Andrew and their two sons, Everest and Rex. She homeschools nearly every day and writes about those experiences here.

Homeschooling: How much is too much?

How many subjects are too many? ..An overachieving homeschooling mom’s dilemma.. I know my kid gets one-on-one attention (okay, minus the times I have to re-direct the crawling  baby, which we all know is a lot).  But still, I as a homeschooling mom often wonder if what we’re doing is enough.  I doubt myself and try to evaluate if maybe my child would better

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Homeschooled Kids are Lucky

We try to be thankful and upbeat about things in our house.  I want positivity to overflow into my son’s thought process and personality.  And I think we’re rubbing off on him, after all, he’s such a lovely kiddo.  But there are days when his complaining gets out of control.  And when those days are filled with “Do I have to?” and “Mom, please,

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Homeschool Curriculum Decisions

We do not follow a traditional school calendar at home.  Since we actually started school in January, we are now scheduled to complete our first school year within the next month. We’ve had a great year. Our current books have served us quite well:  My child has successfully learned to read, add and subtract (and more).  But with a new year approaching I can’t

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Schooling on the road

My husband had a conference last week out of town, and my son Everest and I decided to tag along with him.  Rather than stay put, we were able to spend some extra time with him and go visit with other family members. I think the flexibility that homeschooling offers our family is wonderful!  Being able to travel without the fear of missing school days

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Is quiet time for everyone?

Often Everest wakes me up in the mornings and is in my presence until I tuck him in at night. We play.  We school.  We run errands. We make and then eat our breakfast, lunch and dinner together. I find tremendous joy in spending so much quality time with my child and molding him into the man he will one day become. Still, I find myself enjoying the small window in

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School trumps…everything

This morning my child sat at his desk (which sits in our family room) to complete some self-work while I ran around working on my daily duties of sweeping, laundry folding, dish washing, etc. In the amount of time he could have completed one entire subject, he barely finished one page. When I noticed this, that he was otherwise occupied with nothing in particular, I quickly pulled

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A Really, Really Good Vacation

We just returned from a very cool vacation.  It wasn’t very restful, but this is due to faults of our own. You see, our vacations typically include our extended family (siblings, spouses, parents, nieces & nephews) and are usually packed full of lots of family fun and constant activity. Besides, rest is overrated around here. In fact, I personally gave up on ‘catching up’ once our firstborn entered

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6 Ways to Educate While Traveling

Since we just returned from a really, really great vacation I thought I would offer some of my favorite ideas for future vacations and/or stops among the travels: 6 ways to educate while traveling: 1. State parks- State parks provide a wide variety of educational fun.  In addition to learning about nature and all it has to offer, most parks offer camping (so you can build a fire

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Schooling through the summer…Are we crazy?

Summer is our favorite season. This family loves some sunshine, sandy beaches and warm weather.  And now we’ve added school.  That’s right.  This family is schooling through the summer.  Are we crazy? School’s out! Or is it? As the school year has recently ended for our friends and family, we here in the Huggins household are plowing through our third semester.  Having just started our curriculum in January, we’re approximately half-way through

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