Awesome, Simple Record-Keeping for Homeschooling!

Record-keeping just got a lot easier! Evernote is a  fantastic free tool for homeschoolers to keep records of their children’s learning.

Up until now, I have had to print out web pages, get pictures printed, summarize details of a lesson in a notebook, keep written track of the resources we use etc. It’s time consuming, hard to keep up and sometimes very unpleasant.

Now imagine giving all that up.

Enter Evernote.  First, you download the program  on your computer, laptop and smartphone. Then you create “notebooks”(by subject, child, activity or any way you prefer) to hold the information you gather from websites, games, online videos, etc at home or on the go (from smartphone).

For example, imagine my son asks a question.  When I look up the answer, I click on the Evernote  icon on my browser bar.  It sends the page, or the parts I’ve selected to the appropriate folder thus saving the time/ date stamped data, images and web address for record keeping. Another handy addition is being able to notes to the entry. This is all possible when we’re away from home. If I look something up online or I snap a photo, I can send it to my Evernote account via email.

Evernote creates a colorful,instant,thorough biography of your homeschooling life! You can also create a journal like text document that you can write in from wherever you are.You can also share your notebook via a URL.

Evernote has some great tutorials to get you started.

Article By Nuria Almeida

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