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The love of reading is alive and well in our house.  If we have a free moment, you will find us reading.  It used to be you’d find us together reading in a heap.  Now that my son is nine, he retreats to his special places to enjoy his books.

To gather his comprehension, I always ask him to provide a summary after he reads. When he was younger he would tell me his summary. Since he’s never liked writing, we have always looked for alternatives, like using the computer to type it.

Recently, he showed me a comic strip he and his friend had enjoyed creating. At the time he was reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He had finished the first two books and he’d been struggling with doing his summary. I had left the method up to him, however he had not done it for either.

I struggle with this on any subject as the idea is for him to enjoy the process and take ownership. When he began the third book and still no summaries on the first two. I was starting to question our process. I thought maybe it’s too soon to let him decide. Maybe I need to be like a teacher and nag him to do it. Doubt has a cornerstone in my mind. I have to fight to keep it from creating negativity.

One evening, maybe three days into reading the third book, he had fallen asleep with his light on. I tiptoed in to turn it off and next to him I saw a he had created a comic strip summarizing the first book.

Hooray!  I exclaimed in my doubtful mind. He was doing it and it seemed he found a great way to summarize that he enjoyed. Comic strips as book reports- who would have thought?

Article By Nuria Almeida

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