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This week, I’ve been helping with an art camp for kids in our community, sponsored by the local artists’ association. Because my class was working on writing activities, the art teacher had the kids make their own books. They made two different styles:

1. The accordion-style: The theme of this art camp was “Art Around the World”, so when we talked about Asia, the children wrote their own haiku poem. After writing their rough drafts, they copied their poems on a rectangular piece of paper (about 8″ x 4″). We used vellum, but any paper would do. Then, they decorated two pieces of mat board (about 1.5″ x 6″) for the cover. They then folded the paper like a fan or accordion, glued the one end of each paper to a piece of mat board, and finished the book. To hold it together when it wasn’t being read, they tied it with gold string.

2. Traditional-style: This book also had a cover made of mat board, but you could use thin cardboard or even cardstock. After cutting the cover pieces and the pages to the desired size, the art instructor drilled two holes along the left edge of the books (you could use a hole punch with a thinner cover). We then laced a string through the holes and tied it off to hold the book together. This is an ideal style to use as a journal, nature journal, or storybook.

Though we only had time to make the two types of books, a quick search on the Internet will give you even more bookmaking ideas. A couple of sites to check out include: – This blog is full of resources for making books with children, from book structure, to writing ideas, to ways of incorporating bookmaking into your lessons. – Another great resource if you’re looking for bookmaking ideas, this site features instructions for making nine different types of books, as well as instructional ideas and writing prompts.

Summer is an ideal time to try new activities with your children, and bookmaking can be one of them. Give it a try; it may just inspire your family to keep writing the whole year through.

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