Books To Help Pull You Through Difficult Times

I was looking through our home library to clean it out a bit and make room for any ‘new’ books we may find at flea markets and local goodwill stores, when on the back of one shelf I noticed a theme developing.

There were a half dozen books for children to understand illness, death and separation.

I want to share these books because they really helped us. I recall those tough times with little anxiety because I believe these books in particular helped my son understand scary subjects tremendously.


Can I Still Kiss You? This is a gem. Its in a question and answer format deals with questions frequently asked by children about illness.


The Rainbow Feelings of Cancer- Helps children share their thoughts, feelings, and questions when someone they love becomes ill with cancer.


When Dinosaurs Die- Discusses the circle of life: being alive, dying (including funeral) and includes feelings of loss children may experience.


The Kissing Hand– This book addresses separation.  It is a story about a baby raccoon who doesn’t want to leave his mother for the first day of school.


A Terrible Thing Happened– This is for children who have witnessed violence or experienced trauma.  It’s very powerful.


Tear Soup– A recipe for healing after loss- After suffering a great loss in her life, theron character, Grandy, cooks a tear soup to help deal with her grief.


Article By Nuria Almeida

Picture By  eyeliam

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