Bring It On Home With These Homeshooling Resources

A few years back, I was annoyed by social media. I found it unnecessary.  Now that my son is almost a decade old, I realize I need to embrace media and technology so that I can keep up and to ensure he is exposed to all that’s available.

The multitude and variety of online information is priceless for a homeschooling family. You feel lonely, go on Facebook, find some friends. I joined the Homeschool Buyers Co-Op in FB and am already reaping the rewards. Lots of saving ideas and opportunities.

Let’s say you want to be part of a homeschooling community. Nowadays, striking up a conversation at the local supermarket can be dicey. Take it from me. I’m still trying to shake off a woman who claimed she was a homeschooling mom, but failed to mention her children are in their 30’s. Instead, I suggest you check out yahoo groups. Local and not local. You stand a better chance of finding what you are looking for.

For information to build up and support homeschool lessons, I simply cannot live without my favorite, Squidoo. From A to Z, you can probably find it there.

For inspirations, ideas, support, funny anecdotes, refreshing perspectives and sometimes a way to express yourself, look into homeschooling blogs. There are plenty and on every subject, idea, philosophy etc. Some great blogs I subscribe to:

Homeschooling Post

An Unschooling Life

Polk A Dot Billboard – ‘For moms searching for quality products that simplify and enrich life.’

Throwing Marshmallows

Article By Nuria Almeida

Picture By whgrad

Homeschooling Reading Curriculum by

Story Time – Stories for Kids

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