Can You Cursive? Writing Lessons for Students

There was a lively discussion in a homeschooling yahoo list recently on wether cursive should still be taught as part of the curriculum. I read with interest because I have been debating the issue myself, especially as my 10 year old is entering a more active writing stage.

Cursive writing has fallen to the wayside in society and in public schools. Schools have little time to teach the basics, much less cursive, with all of the time spent teaching for standardized testing. However, with texting and emailing becoming the norm in all written communication, an argument can be made that cursive is no longer necessary.

If children are not taught cursive, they will also not know how to read cursive. How would it be for my son, when we visit the National Archives, to not be able to read the Declaration of Independence?  I also imagine him signing his first official document in print.

Is this unfortunate, a tragedy or just a fact of life? Is cursive necessary? Times change. We use computers now, not typewriters. We can read stories on devices, instead of a book.

After reading all the arguments, I believe that as long as he can print clearly on paper, my son will be able to get on fine. In our homeschooling, I will make certain to provide documents written in cursive so that he can learn over time to read it, should he ever need to.

Bottom line, as long as my child retains a love of knowledge, he will always be able to learn what he wants when he wants.

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