Homeschooling | Show and Tell

This morning, one of our friends invited families over to her house for an “after summer” get-together. The kids were to come prepared to show and/or tell about something they did during the summer break. They stood up, one by one, and gave their presentations — some short, some long, some with visual aids, others without. It was a great time of learning —

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Feed the Birds

A few years ago, we did a unit study on backyard birds. As part of our study, we built our own bird feeder with supplies we had on hand — a long wooden pole and a large plastic planter dish. To make the feeder, we flipped the planter dish upside down and nailed the center of it to one end of the pole. We

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Questions for the New School Year

Last summer, I attended a homeschooling workshop where the speaker described some of the schooling methods she used when her boys were younger. One of the handouts she gave us was a yearly “About Me” writing assignment that included a number of statements for the child to complete. The speaker would have each of her children work on this assignment on the first day

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Publication Opportunities for Kids

One way to encourage children to write or draw is to submit their work for publication. There are several magazines, both online and in print, that publish stories or pictures created by children. Here are a few of them: Stone Soup Stone Soup is a print magazine ( that publishes only writing and artwork by children ages 8 to 13. Stories, poems, book reviews,

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Homeschooling and Socialization

One of the biggest concerns expressed by both parents and teachers concerning home education can be summed up in the question that’s often asked about homeschooled children: What about socialization? You can find several definitions for socialization in the dictionary, including “to make fit for the companionship with others” (The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition). For some, if a child

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Summer Activities – Picking Blueberries

This morning, my children and I had plans to meet with friends and pick blueberries at a local farm. My youngest son Luke, age 5, is quite a homebody — he usually would rather stay at home than go out on an activity. This morning was no exception; when I told him to get ready to go, he began to cry. “But I don’t

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Free Coloring Pages Online

I’m often looking for coloring pages online for my elementary students that go along with their science and history lessons. I don’t have a lot of time to search the web, so I prefer sites with page links that show thumbnails of the images instead of text only. That way I know the picture is one I want without waiting for it to download.

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We, at, were pleasantly surprised yesterday when Dale ( the boss) decided to go out and celebrate the Presidential Inauguration, a historical event that most in the team had not witnessed before. Denis took a picture of the enormous screen at the bar of the moment when the crowds were going wild in D.C. after Obama was sworn in. We had lunch and celebrated at a

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Everybody loves when something is free. is proud to announce the introductionof our Freebies page. There are games, activities, awards, and more. Check it out at: At, we are always looking for ways to improve your experience. We look forward to feedback from our customers. Have you got an idea that would make the program better? Let us know. Have you

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