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Classical and Historical Stories with Jim Weiss

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jim Weiss, an international storyteller who has made a huge impact on homeschooling families for years. His recordings of classical and historical stories provide families with an easy way to introduce great literature to children of all ages. As Jim points out on his website, reading comprehension increases by leaps and bounds when a child hears a story

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Teaching Art

Homeschooling offers advantages that traditional schooling cannot: flexible schedules, more time with family members to build relationships, and instruction tailored to each student’s needs. But homeschooling has its challenges as well, and one of those can be teaching art. If a parent doesn’t have a lot of background or experience, they might be at a loss about where to begin. Here are some ideas

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Incredible Art Lessons

I teach art lessons in my home during the school year, and I have some students who have been coming for a number of years. As I was searching the Internet for new lessons, I came upon — an incredible site for art ideas! From the homepage, you can click on the “Lessons” link to enter the art lesson section. There you can

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Homeschool Curriculum | Discovering Great Artists

Summer is the time when I work on a plan for the next school year. If your plan includes art but not a formal art class, another great book you can use is Discovering Great Artists by MaryAnn Kohl and Kim Solga. While it’s not an instruction book in drawing or painting, Discovering Great Artists is full of art activities for students in the

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Homeschooling Books

Every year, we do well at getting the basic subjects covered in our school day – math, language arts, and reading. Weekly music and art lessons are in there too. The two subjects we’ve struggled with the most over the years, however, are science and history — the two that lend themselves best to interactive and hands-on learning. I’m not sure why it’s been

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