Fun with Fall Activities

Fall is my favorite time of year. But because it’s the start of the school year, it usually flies by in the flurry of schoolwork, lessons, and appointments, and I feel as if we’ve missed it. So this fall, we’re making a point to enjoy the season.  Here are some ideas for fall activities to help your family enjoy the season too. Fall Harvest

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Teaching Art

Homeschooling offers advantages that traditional schooling cannot: flexible schedules, more time with family members to build relationships, and instruction tailored to each student’s needs. But homeschooling has its challenges as well, and one of those can be teaching art. If a parent doesn’t have a lot of background or experience, they might be at a loss about where to begin. Here are some ideas

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The Story About Ping Craft

When I was teaching the Kindergarten class at our homeschooling co-op, we coupled reading picture books with related crafts.  One of the books we read was the classic The Story About Ping by Marjorie Flack. This book tells about a little duck on the Yangtze River in China who is always the last one to return to the boat every evening. Because of this,

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Turtle with Wax Resist

Wax resist works because oil and water don’t mix; the oil in the wax repels water. For this project, your child will use crayons (the wax) and watercolors to create a sea turtle painting. Here’s what you’ll need: Crayons (any color) Watercolors Paint brushes Watercolor paper Cup of water Paper towel Pencil  and eraser Scratch paper, such as copy paper Masking tape and cardboard

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Make a Bug Mobile!

Summertime around our house means – bugs! By bugs, I not only mean bugs like stink bugs and milkweed bugs, but all the six-legged insects. There are bugs in the yard and bugs in the house, biting bugs and stinging bugs. And though parents may grumble, there is a way to make these buggy days fun for kids. They can create their own bug

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