Bookmaking for Kids

This week, I’ve been helping with an art camp for kids in our community, sponsored by the local artists’ association. Because my class was working on writing activities, the art teacher had the kids make their own books. They made two different styles: 1. The accordion-style: The theme of this art camp was “Art Around the World”, so when we talked about Asia, the

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Crafty Kids – More Hobby Ideas

Even if you’re schooling through the summer, chances are your student’s schedule isn’t as full as it is during the school year. During the hot and lazy days of summer, it’s sometimes easy to fall into the habit of allowing children to play more video games, watch more television shows, or spend more time on the computer. You can help him use his time

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art Books | Homeschooling

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has published picture books for children, and if you haven’t seen them yet, they are worth a visit to your local library to check them out. Although these are geared towards young children, teaching concepts such as shapes and the alphabet, you can also use them with older children to teach or review art appreciation. Museum Shapes begins with

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Homeschool Curriculum | Discovering Great Artists

Summer is the time when I work on a plan for the next school year. If your plan includes art but not a formal art class, another great book you can use is Discovering Great Artists by MaryAnn Kohl and Kim Solga. While it’s not an instruction book in drawing or painting, Discovering Great Artists is full of art activities for students in the

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Drawing With Children

For those homeschool parents who haven’t done much art instruction with their children and are wondering where to begin, the book Drawing With Children by author/artist Mona Brookes is a great place to start. Written with parents in mind, Drawing With Children presents lessons and exercises to help children learn to draw, all the while improving their skills in visual perception, visual-spatial organization, and

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