Coloring Books

The Anti-Coloring Book

I love looking through used book sales for bargains, and at a recent sale, I found a gem! It’s The Anti-Coloring Book by Susan Striker. The cover says that it’s good for ages 6 and up, but many of the pages would work for younger children, too. What makes this an “anti-coloring” book is that children don’t color the pictures — they draw them!

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Studying Snakes

Studying Snakes The other day, as my husband was heading out the door, he had an unusual surprise awaiting him. Right behind the car was a huge black snake. We didn’t take out a measuring tape, but I would estimate the snake was at least four to five feet long. Our dog began barking at it, and the snake curled up in a strike

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Coral Reefs

We recently found a really interesting book in our library: Coral Reefs by Jason Chin. It’s a non-fiction picture book filled with tons of information about coral reefs. But instead of the typical depiction of marine animals that you might expect to see, the illustrations have a very creative twist. The first pages feature a young girl at the library pulling the very same

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Make a Bug Mobile!

Summertime around our house means – bugs! By bugs, I not only mean bugs like stink bugs and milkweed bugs, but all the six-legged insects. There are bugs in the yard and bugs in the house, biting bugs and stinging bugs. And though parents may grumble, there is a way to make these buggy days fun for kids. They can create their own bug

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Dover Coloring Books

If you want to supplement your elementary curriculum with coloring pages and can’t find what you’re looking for online, take a moment to look through the catalog of Dover Publications. Dover has printed coloring books for sale featuring subjects ranging from the alphabet to anatomy to wildlife to famous paintings to holidays. And they publish more each year. Included in the art coloring books

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