Free Homeschooling Curriculum Online

When my husband and I were first married, we planned how everything would work out for us financially. We would both work but live off of just one income until we started a family; then I would stay home with the children while he continued working. But things often don’t work out as we intend, and it was a real struggle to support ourselves with only

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Keep A Reading Journal

If you’re like me, you love learning with your kids – just not keeping up with the paperwork. But there is some paperwork that’s rewarding for both you and your child. It can even be fun! A reading journal is just that kind of paperwork. What to Include No matter what age your child is, he can keep a record of the books he’s

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Can we use SmartTutor.com on a mobile device? Many of you have asked, and now we’ve got the answer!!!

If you have an iPad, Nook or Android, we can now tell you, “It works, it works!” Yes, SmartTutor.com works on these mobile devices. Nook & Android (3.2 or older) both work just beautifully using their own default browsers. And, it even works on an iPad despite the battle between Adobe (Flash) and Apple.

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Online Magazines for Kids

If you’re like me, your children might be even more computer-savvy than you are. If I run into a computer glitch, I call on my 13-year-old to help me figure it out. In this age of technology, there is so much available for children, from games and coloring pages to educational programs to social sites. Many children’s resources have also been produced digitally —

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Homeschooling E-books

E-Books, or electronic books, are becoming more and more popular each year. An e-book can be downloaded instantly after purchase to your own computer and then read or printed as desired. Because there isn’t any paper, ink, or binding involved in the production of e-books, they are usually less expensive than the same book in print. While this is good news for the thrifty

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