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Mobile Learning & Smart Tutor

(image courtesy of wstryder) Last week I attended a conference on mobile learning in DC.  The experience was a real eye-opener to say the least. There are tons of really cool ‘stuff’ going on in the world of Mobile Learning. Carly Shuler, from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop presented some very interesting research on children and mobile learning. You can read

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Math Matching Game – Concentration

Here’s a fun matching game that will help your child explore different representations of equivalent items including: matching quantities to their numerals matching shapes to their names matching fractions to decimals and percents matching quantities to multiplication facts or numerals matching words to quantities or numerals and many more! Children can play by themselves or against a friend (or parent!) to form pairs and

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Math Applets & Virtual Manipulatives

We’re always looking for ways to improve our reach and help more kids. Last year we partnered with the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) to develop a series of free math applets in Flash that would be available through their illuminations website to everyone. These virtual math manipulatives are designed to be used primarily by teachers in the classroom but there’s no

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Introducing your Children to Asia

I just discovered this gem of an educational resource for students to explore Asia, Asian culture and issues that impact US relations with Asia. It covers some 30 countries that comprise Asia and feature materials from early civilizations to more current events. There are games, essays, lesson plans, glossaries and timelines that work great for elementary, middle and high school students. While primarily aimed

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How To Find Homeschool Curriculum on a Budget

Times are tough and it seems even homeschoolers are feeling the pinch. Check out this article about some great ways to save on curriculum during harsh economic times. The tips are geared towards homeschoolers but any parent looking for resources to help their children with home work or other after school educational activities could pick up some good tips. She mentions looking on auction

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We, at, were pleasantly surprised yesterday when Dale ( the boss) decided to go out and celebrate the Presidential Inauguration, a historical event that most in the team had not witnessed before. Denis took a picture of the enormous screen at the bar of the moment when the crowds were going wild in D.C. after Obama was sworn in. We had lunch and celebrated at a

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Teaching Geometry Skills At Home

Help your children understand the concept of three-dimensional shapes by encouraging them to play with blocks or Legos of different shapes, colors and sizes. Use everyday objects such as paper towel rolls, soup cans and small cardboard boxes. Show your child how some objects roll along the ground and some can be stacked. Build castles with everyday objects. Make necklaces with beads. String them

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Smart Tutor – Lift off

I’m thrilled to finally launch the blog and personally greet all our parents and educators. Before I talk about the product, here’s a little bit about me. I’m Dale Baker and I, along with my wife Robin, founded Learning Today just over eight years ago. Our two wonderful boys, 11 year old Grant (now going into 6th grade) and 9 year old Wyatt

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