As I have mentioned in the past, my adventurous boy loves treasure hunting. We have been avid geocachers for about a year. Recently, a friend turned us onto something similar and just as fun called Letterboxing. It is, like in geocaching, a treasure hunting game/ sport which uses clues written online by other Letterbox enthusiasts to find a hidden box or treasure! This is

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Dear Mr. Blueberry

From the title, you wouldn’t expect the picture book Dear Mr. Blueberry to be about whales. But that’s what makes this book such a fun read for both children and adults. Written by Simon James, Dear Mr. Blueberry features the correspondence between a young girl, Emily, and her teacher, Mr. Blueberry. In the book, Emily writes a letter to Mr. Blueberry describing the whale

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Family Pass to Learning

A few years ago, a friend of mine introduced us to the Western North Carolina Nature Center. It was there we discovered the white squirrels of Brevard and learned how to tell a male from a female box turtle. This was also our first visit to a butterfly garden, an enclosed area to walk through where butterflies fluttered all around and even landed on

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Making Music

The relaxed days of summer are a good time for children to try new things. If you’re child has an interest in learning a musical instrument, this might just be the season to start. Studies have linked listening to music (particularly Mozart’s compositions) and playing music to an increased ability in spatial reasoning, the type of reasoning used when working on math or drawing.

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