All the Way Around – Learning Wrap Ups

Lately, my elementary students have needed to review their math facts, so once again we’ve pulled out the old flash cards and made going through them part of our school day. Although the flash cards are helpful, we’ve also been using a more enjoyable, hands-on alternative: Learning Wrap Ups. Wrap Ups come in sets of plastic key-shaped pieces about five inches in length. A

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Classic Games for Learning

As a home educator, you can take advantage of numerous educational games to supplement your lessons and make learning fun. While you could choose from the almost endless variety of learning games available in teacher resource stores and online, you might also consider some of the classic games you probably enjoyed as a child. Here are a few for you to consider: Hi Ho!

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Kids’ Craft Sites

If you are homeschooling preschool or elementary-aged children, you’re probably doing a lot of activities to supplement the lessons. Subjects such as science and social studies especially lend themselves to creative ideas. If you are looking for a new craft idea for your children, try one of these sites: This site features more than 1100 original crafts as well as homemade gift ideas.

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Homeschool | Fun in the Fall

Fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year and a great time for hands-on learning activities with your children. If the weather is still pleasant in your area, here are a few ideas you and your child can try: Make a Leaf Suncatcher Collect some of those beautiful colored leaves. Press them between two pieces of clear contact paper or waxed paper.

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