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When my husband and I were first married, we planned how everything would work out for us financially. We would both work but live off of just one income until we started a family; then I would stay home with the children while he continued working. But things often don’t work out as we intend, and it was a real struggle to support ourselves with only

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Word Dynamo

Having a great vocabulary is a social indicator of a good education, so it’s no wonder homeschool parents in particular highlight the importance of it to their children. Up until recently, we relied on the good old dictionary to learn. This is not my son’s favorite activity. Luckily for us, it is now much more interesting for children to expand their vocabulary. Word Dynamo

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Everyone Has a Story

This week as I was shopping at the grocery store, I stopped for a few minutes to talk with the lady giving out samples of chocolate milk. Though the course of our conversation, I learned that she grew up as a tomboy, was a cheerleader in high school, had a brother who was once an Olympic hopeful, had been married to a pro-football player,

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A Beka Grammar

While there are many different types of grammar books available, A Beka grammar has worked well for our family. It’s become a staple in our eclectic mix of curricula. I start my children off in a formal grammar workbook in fourth grade, beginning with Book A. The first lessons in this program focus on learning about sentences and fragments. Next are three writing units,

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English for the Thoughtful Child

There’s so much for young children to master; I don’t even worry about teaching grammar until the second grade. Then, I pull out the book English for the Thoughtful Child. Originally published in 1903 by Mary E. Hyde, it was revised and edited by homeschooling mom Cynthia Shearer in 1990. English for the Thoughtful Child introduces young children to the rules of grammar while

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