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Homeschooling Options for All

About the time my oldest was starting Kindergarten, I began attending the annual homeschool book sale in our area looking for homeschooling options. It was around the year 2000, and I already knew a number of homeschooling families from teaching art classes. I remember one sale in particular – not because of what I bought or who I saw, but because of what I was

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Taking a Trip – Hands-on Learning

This past week, my oldest daughter had the opportunity to go traveling with relatives. As we were sorting through her clothes, I thought of how quickly the trip had come up and how easy it was for her to join in. Our flexible schedule provided enough time to get her packed and send her on the trip. While we were preparing things to take

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Homeschool Curriculum Choice

If you are looking into new curriculum for the new year, take a few minutes to visit the site TheCurriculumChoice.com. Developed by a group of home educators, the mission of this site is to discuss favorite curricula and homeschooling methods. Because a number of homeschooling parents contribute to the site, different philosophies are represented, and most likely, you’ll find a writer there that shares

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