Summer Homeschool – Make Learning Fun

Summer is generally a more-relaxed time, even if you are schooling year-round. One way to combine fun with learning during the summer months is to play games. While you can purchase educational games from teaching stores or online, you can also make your own. You can even involve your children in crafting the game before you play it. Here are a few of the

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The Different Approaches to Homeschooling

“We homeschool,” might be your answer when asked what school your children attend, but it doesn’t explain how your children are educated. There are many different approaches to homeschooling, all of them valid and all able to yield good results. The method you choose will depend on your educational philosophy, your teaching temperament, and the learning styles of your children. School At Home School

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Field Trips for Homeschoolers

A quiet hike through the woods, a civil war reenactment, an alpaca farm, a bakery tour – field trips are an ideal way to incorporate hands-on and memorable lessons into your homeschooling plans. The type of field trip you schedule will most likely correspond with the subject you’re studying, but it doesn’t have to. Opportunities to make learning fun are worth interrupting the regular

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Homeschooling Through the Summer

One of the advantages of homeschooling is the flexibility in scheduling school days. While many homeschoolers follow the traditional school year, others choose a year-round school schedule. Either way, summer offers plenty of opportunities for learning. Summer Schooling:  Whether you planned your lessons to carry through the year or not, summer is a time when homeschooling can continue at a more relaxed pace. Some

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The Homeschool Magazine

The Old Schoolhouse I don’t have a lot of free time to read magazines, so when some of my friends first told me about The Old Schoolhouse magazine, I just smiled and went on my way. “It’s a wonderful resource,” they would say, and I’d nod in agreement. I supposed it did contain good information, but if I bought a subscription and then didn’t

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