Mommy Does the Laundry

Our days are full with projects, day trips, playgroups, errands and chores. Since I am the one that is at home, I take on the responsibility of the housework, cooking and shopping. One day recently, I was horrified when I overheard my son tell a friend that was visiting,”yeah, when I get old, I’ll get a wife so she can do everything in the

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We have some exciting things in the future of SmartTutor.com including some free items. I know these days we all need to cut costs (especially because gas is so expensive) so Smart Tutor wants to help out with that. Soon… we will be offering some free educational activities that will include many of our characters like you see here. If you don’t want to

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The Fun Place to Learn

After almost 4 years of working at Learning Today, Inc., I realize that I’ve learned even more than the kids that use our Smart Tutor program. Yes, my math skills have improved greatly from going through each lesson during the Quality Assurance process but there is more to it. The people in this company are dedicated to children and their education. Detailed research and

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