Learning Styles

Learning Styles – Choosing Homeschooling Curriculum

Choosing Homeschooling Curriculum As you sift through the many types of homeschooling curriculum, keep in mind the way your children learn best — their learning styles. When all of my children were school-age with work to complete, that was something I let slip — and it showed. Learning Styles There are four years between my three oldest, so there were a couple of years when they

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Is Your Child Gifted?

A friend has recently jumped on the homeschooling bandwagon on the suspicion that her 5 year old daughter is gifted.  Since her daughter is still so young, I was curious how parents determine that their child is indeed gifted. Gifted children need to be challenged every day to be happy and require special consideration. The U.S. Office of Gifted and Talented (www.bcps.org) provide guidance

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Child-Led Education

A fellow homeschooling mom forwarded an article on child-led learning to me the other day. I had just finished reading John Holt’s ‘How Children Learn’ so the article was timely for me. John Holt said “…what we need to do – and all we need to do – is to give children as much help and guidance as the need and ask for, listen

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Free Time for Mommy

It’s nice to have a break- no kids, no planning, just quiet time with my own thoughts. I was able to enjoy that this past weekend when my husband announced he was taking the kids to the park. It was an hour and a half of pure bliss. As a homeschooling parent, I find very little down time since I have to make the

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Homeschooling – How They Learn

A classroom of students is actually a classroom of individuals, each of whom possesses different talents, faces different challenges, and learns in different ways. A classroom teacher with 25-35 students can’t take the time to work with each one individually; she only has the time to present the information and perhaps help a few struggling students before moving on to the next subject. One

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