The Struggling Reader

For quite a while now, I’ve told our co-op teachers that my youngest son is a “late-reader”. “He just isn’t reading quite yet,” I would explain to them, and they would reassure me, telling me they understood completely, and they wouldn’t call on him in class to read. Many people would reiterate what I’ve heard a number of times: sometimes it takes boys a

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Help With Homeschooling

We’re about to start our thirteenth year of homeschooling with two in high school, one in middle school, and one in elementary. And while it would be nice to take all the credit as their primary educator, I have to confess – I have had lots of help with homeschooling. Play Groups and Field Trips Even when my children we small, help was there.

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Reading Poetry

I love reading and writing poetry. My poems, though, almost always rhyme, and I’m not very good at free verse yet. My children enjoy poetry too, and one of the best ways I’ve found to encourage them is by reading poetry together. And age-appropriate poems are so easy to find! There are lots of picture books that are actually poems coupled with illustrations to

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Nature Questions

This summer, we have had two different types of birds visiting our front porch. Each chose a different corner of the porch to build a nest – a good safe place out of harm’s way. Or so we thought. Birds #1 The first pair of parents were Carolina Wrens. They build a more enclosed nest, so we couldn’t see the hatchlings very well. But

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Writing Game – The Rest of the Story

Need an activity to do with a group of kids? Here’s a writing game that will have everyone laughing! It can be played in co-op classes or at home with children of different ages. They just need to be able to read and write. How to Play To play, all you’ll need is a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Player 1

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Readers Theater

For the child working on reading skills, practicing with readers theater scripts is a great addition to your regular lessons. If the word “theater” makes you a little nervous, don’t be. It’s an easy and fun exercise for all! Readers theater involves taking a piece of literature, adapting it into a script, and then reading it aloud. Each part in the script is assigned

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