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Math in the Third Grade

Your child is in the third grade and ready to learn! Of course, math will be a major part of your curriculum, and an adequate amount of time needs to be spent on the subject each day. Of special importance is ensuring that your third grader knows his addition and subtraction math facts, as this is the year he’ll be learning about multiplication and

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Math Instruction in the First Grade

If your child is entering the first grade, you might be wondering just what needs to be covered in math this year. Math skills studied each year build on those acquired the previous year, so it’s important to establish a good foundation early on. By the end of the first grade year, your child should be able to: • Count out loud from 0-100

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Math Instruction for Kindergarteners

As you prepare to start your Kindergartener on more formal math instruction, you might be surprised at how many Kindergarten math skills he’s already mastered. As just a general guideline, by the end of the school year, your kindergartener should be able to: • Sort objects into groups • Identify which items in a group are the same or which item in the group

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Enchanted Learning – Homeschooling Resource

One of my favorite educational websites that I first came across years ago is If you have a student in the elementary or early middle school grades, it’s a great resource for supplemental worksheets in history, geography, music, languages, and science. When I first found the site, all of their printables were free, and users could donate towards the cost of the site

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Exciting News from – Lesson Library Released!

You asked for it! You got it! Many of you requested the ability to assign lessons to your children. Well, today we are proud to announce our first release of the SmartTutor Lesson Library! What does this valuable new tool mean for you? It means that you now have the flexibility of assigning specific lessons to enhance your child’s instruction. Simply go into the

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