Number Sense

Coin County – A Bank in a Book

From an early age, children learn that you need money in order to purchase something from the store. It’s so much fun to let a young child pick something out, give him the exact change, and allow him to pay the clerk. You’re child will have an even stronger sense of satisfaction, though, if he uses his own money that he has saved to

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Math Matching Game – Concentration

Here’s a fun matching game that will help your child explore different representations of equivalent items including: matching quantities to their numerals matching shapes to their names matching fractions to decimals and percents matching quantities to multiplication facts or numerals matching words to quantities or numerals and many more! Children can play by themselves or against a friend (or parent!) to form pairs and

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Geometry Live

Sorry for the lack of posting the last few days. We were trying to determine whether to weather the weather or run like the wind. It’s a bad pun, I know. The good news is that the storm has passed, and we’re all okay. I have good news for all of you math-philes out there. Smart Tutor Geometry is now fully integrated into Smart

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