Awesome, Simple Record-Keeping for Homeschooling!

Record-keeping just got a lot easier! Evernote is a  fantastic free tool for homeschoolers to keep records of their children’s learning. Up until now, I have had to print out web pages, get pictures printed, summarize details of a lesson in a notebook, keep written track of the resources we use etc. It’s time consuming, hard to keep up and sometimes very unpleasant. Now

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Get Organized with!

Just like a teacher in a traditional school, a homeschooling parent often has a lot paperwork to keep up with, including lesson plans, evaluations, and record-keeping. I’m not always the most organized person, so for me this has sometimes been quite a challenge. As with any job, however, it helps if you have the right tools, and for me, is one of them.

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Homeschooling Co-ops

Everyone craves community. Homeschooling families more so, not just for the companionship for our kids and possibly for the adults, but for the resources such friendships can provide. For example, I love writing and portrait painting. My husband is a math wiz and an avid tennis player, and my ex-husband a wonderful guitar player and agriculturalist. All we were missing to complete our homeschooling

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Reorganizing for the New Year

The New Year is often a time for a fresh start, and for me that includes a fresh start with homeschooling. Our weeks surrounding the holidays are usually filled with special activities, trips, and get-togethers, so the week after Christmas is a good time to regroup and reorganize. If you’re getting back to lesson planning this week, there are lots of good sites on

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