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Summer Fun in the Sun! – Summer Picture Books

The weather is hot, the insects are out, the kids are ready to swim — it must be summer! Whether or not you’re formally homeschooling through the summer, it’s still a great time for children to keep learning. If you have younger students, you can create a unit study of the season using books found at your library. Some of the books you might

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Reading in the Fifth Grade

By the time your child is in the fifth grade, you’ll want to get her on a good reading schedule, both for school assignments and for pleasure. Set aside a time during your school day for her to read required books: biographies, autobiographies, and other history books, science books, classic literature — whatever fits in well with the curriculum you’re using. Then set aside

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100 Easy Reading Lessons

If you have a young child who wants to learn to read or an elementary student who needs more practice reading, you may want to try the book Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons by Siegfried Englemann, Phyllis Haddox, and Elaine Bruner. Together, these authors have come up with a step-by-step plan to help parents teach their children to read. The

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Reading in the Second Grade

As your child enters the second grade, he might be reading fluently on his own, or he might still need phonics instruction to help him decode simple words. Setting aside time for him to read to you every day, or even a few times a day, will help develop his reading skills. As a general guideline, by the end of this second grade year,

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VocabularyOne of the most important things parents can do is foster the love of reading in their children. Vocabulary plays an important part in learning to read as it teaches the meaning of words. Beginning readers cannot understand what they are reading without first knowing what most of the words mean. What parents can do at home: It’s never too early to begin talking

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Reading With Your Child

There is so much information out there about improving your child’s reading skills. I found this website: that has quite a few interesting articles on the subject. I agree that reading at the end of the day should be considered a treat or quality time together. I would snuggle up every night with my son and I would read his favorite books. It

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