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Learning to Read with Letter Cards

Learning to Read with Letter Cards Some of my biggest challenges as a homeschooling mom have involved reading. My youngest child has had an especially difficult time learning to read, so much so that I had to find someone else who could help. That’s when I learned about “letter cards”. I must admit, I don’t know much about teaching reading. My oldest child just

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VocabularyOne of the most important things parents can do is foster the love of reading in their children. Vocabulary plays an important part in learning to read as it teaches the meaning of words. Beginning readers cannot understand what they are reading without first knowing what most of the words mean. What parents can do at home: It’s never too early to begin talking

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We have some exciting things in the future of including some free items. I know these days we all need to cut costs (especially because gas is so expensive) so Smart Tutor wants to help out with that. Soon… we will be offering some free educational activities that will include many of our characters like you see here. If you don’t want to

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I often get inspired to draw and design when I see good art. When the time comes to create new characters for our lessons at Learning Today I find that doing a web search and viewing other artist’s styles is very helpful. I have been using Flash as a drawing tool for more than 7 years to create cartoons, graphics, and websites. Throughout my

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