Readers Theater

For the child working on reading skills, practicing with readers theater scripts is a great addition to your regular lessons. If the word “theater” makes you a little nervous, don’t be. It’s an easy and fun exercise for all! Readers theater involves taking a piece of literature, adapting it into a script, and then reading it aloud. Each part in the script is assigned

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Word Walls

In our home, any space is up for grabs to further our learning goals. For a year now, I have maintained a word wall for my son. A word wall is an organized collection of words prominently displayed in the learning space. Its an interactive tool for inspiring reading and spelling learning. Word walls can help a child to recognize and spell words, recognize

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Welcome to your Library

As homeschoolers, one of our most important resources is the library. We spend a lot of time there and aside from the various activities we take part  in, we almost always walk out with great books we use to read for enjoyment and learning. We recently started going over the library classification system a.k.a Dewey Decimal System and in doing so I realized how

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Tongue Twisters

My kid’s pronunciation skills are challenged as they get older.  In an effort to help my son in particular and to have a little fun, we have started doing some tongue twisters. They help him exercise his tongue and slowly build up his diction and phonetics. Tongue twisters are a great speech therapy activity for lisps and stammers. We have been using the following

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