Turtle with Wax Resist

Wax resist works because oil and water don’t mix; the oil in the wax repels water. For this project, your child will use crayons (the wax) and watercolors to create a sea turtle painting. Here’s what you’ll need: Crayons (any color) Watercolors Paint brushes Watercolor paper Cup of water Paper towel Pencil  and eraser Scratch paper, such as copy paper Masking tape and cardboard

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Teaching Geometry Skills At Home

Help your children understand the concept of three-dimensional shapes by encouraging them to play with blocks or Legos of different shapes, colors and sizes. Use everyday objects such as paper towel rolls, soup cans and small cardboard boxes. Show your child how some objects roll along the ground and some can be stacked. Build castles with everyday objects. Make necklaces with beads. String them

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