Volunteering for Home Schooled Children

For years, I have volunteered at the local Humane Society and Wilderness Center. I love to work with animals, but the main reason I do it is because I believe compassion is learned as we help others. I want to set the example for my children so they can one day feel the fulfillment I have felt while volunteering. Though there are few organizations

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“What Can I Do?” – Hobbies for Kids

With more free time during the summer, my rising 6th grader has been looking for a hobby. I’ve mentioned several to her, but none have seemed to interest her yet. This has led us to search for even more ideas, as we hope to find her “niche.” If you’re child is coming to you saying, “What can I do?” consider getting her started with

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Reading With Your Child

There is so much information out there about improving your child’s reading skills. I found this website: that has quite a few interesting articles on the subject. I agree that reading at the end of the day should be considered a treat or quality time together. I would snuggle up every night with my son and I would read his favorite books. It

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