Making Friends When You’re Homeschooled

One of the objections many homeschooling parents hear is that homeschooled students are not as well socialized as students in a traditional classroom. Some may even say that homeschooled children don’t have many friends. After all, where would they meet them if not at school? We have met our friends at many different places. We’ve met them at storytime, at playgroups, on field trips, at

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Playing Soccer & Learning Life Skills | Homeschool Lessons

All of my children have played soccer sometime during their elementary years. Sometimes it was through our local YMCA; other times it was with organizations such as Upward Sports. For a while, two of my children even played on teams that were put together by a coach in our area who wanted to work with homeschooled students. Playing Soccer & Learning Life Skills Although

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4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Sport

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Sport Playing a team sport benefits children in so many ways. All of my children have enjoyed playing on a team at some time or another. Not only did they sharpen their playing skills, they learned how to work together with other team members, how to follow the coach’s directions, and how to win (or lose) graciously.

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Physical Education in the Winter

It’s easy for my kids to stay active in the summer. They swim, bike, run, and play outside, and there’s rarely a shortage of things to do. During the winter, though, it’s a little harder to get them motivated and moving. If you want to add physical education to your child’s schooldays this season, here are some things you could try: Join a Team

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Lesson Ideas for the Olympics

With the Olympics now in full swing, learning opportunities abound. There are so many possible lesson ideas and unit studies that correlate with the events in Vancouver, from sports lessons to writing to history and geography. If you’re looking to incorporate the games into your schooling, here are some ideas to help get you started: Host your own Olympics. You don’t have to do

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