Things I Wished I’d Known Before I Started Homeschooling – #2 of 4

#2: You Don’t Have to Go It Alone When we first started homeschooling, we lived in a very rural mountain community. The closest little convenience store was four miles away; it took about 20 minutes just to get to the nearest grocery store of any size. The children and I spent a lot of time by ourselves at home working through lessons together. But

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Homeschooling Co-op

For the past five years, we’ve been a part of a smaller homeschooling co-op. It’s actually the third co-op we’ve joined, and it’s the one we’ve been able to stick with. But not all homeschoolers are part of a co-op, and that’s okay too. Homeschooling Co-op #1 We joined our first co-op when my oldest was just in third grade and my youngest was

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Funding Homeschooling

In a recent web group discussion, homeschooling parents were discussing the cost of education. The discussion took a turn when one  post pointed out that Connections Academy (the online public school option) receives approximately $8,000 per student from each of the states it is available in. Another homeschooling mom posted that in NY, public schools receive $17,500 per student.  It’s shocking really, to see

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Homeschool Support Groups

One of the most important resources for any parents trying to homeschool their children is a local support group. If you’re not a part of one already, this is a good year to join. A support group is just that — an organization, either large or small, made up of homeschooling families. Although every family is different, many face the same challenges in raising

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