Yearbooks for Homeschoolers

One of the perks of being in a traditional school is having the year recorded in a yearbook. I still have mine even from elementary school; it’s fun to look back through all those years and reminisce. Did you know homeschoolers can have a yearbook too? Ever since my oldest was in third grade, all of my children have been pictured in one. The

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Homeschool Photos

We’ve homeschooled in a lot of different ways over the years. Sometimes we were part of a county-wide group that met for occasional field trips and created an annual yearbook. Other times we participated in weekly activities with a playgroup. Still other years we were part of a co-op; one for a year, another for a year and a half, and the third for

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Homeschool Yearbooks

The other day, as we were moving books around from one room to the other, we came upon a couple of boxes of yearbooks — some mine, some my husband’s — from college, high school, middle school, even elementary school!  My children had a fun time looking through them, finding our old photos and looking at others who were in the same class. Fortunately,

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