Choosing Homeschool Curriculum: Have Confidence

Choosing homeschool curriculum for your student can be quite a challenge, one you might not feel ready for. When we first began homeschooling twelve years ago, there weren’t nearly as many curricula available as there are today. A few publishers offered complete packages that covered every subject; other publishers offered a subject or two.  But because we were on such a limited budget, I never purchased a whole set. I would choose a grammar book from one set, a spelling from another, a math book from another. Sometimes I would create part of our homeschool curriculum myself from library books.

Needless to say, we ended up with a rather eclectic collection of learning material. But the experience proved to be invaluable.  Because we didn’t pay a lot for our books, I didn’t feel committed to one particular curriculum. If something wasn’t working for one of my children, I could easily set it aside and try something else.  Then if that didn’t work, we’d try again. And whenever I set aside something that didn’t work for one child, I could bring it out later and try it with the next one.

Choosing Homeschool Curriculum: Have Confidence

The other benefit to our crazy homeschool curriculum was that it gave me more confidence as their teacher. I was evaluating the books before we started, using them with my students, and then re-evaluating them every few days to make sure we were on track.  I was making administrative decisions about the resources based on the results I was seeing. And I was adjusting those resources to suit my children in order to provide them with the best education I could.

You know your child’s temperament. You want the very best education for your child. And you’ll go the extra mile to make sure your child gets that education. These are all qualities of a great teacher.

So even though homeschooling may be new to you, don’t worry – you can do this! It may take a few tries to discover what works best, but you’ll know it when you find it.

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