Chores – Another Item on the Homeschool Checklist

Over the years, I have slowly added chores for my son to do. He started with putting food in the dogs’ bowls when he was about 6 years old. I always remind and I don’t mind, because he’s grateful for the nudge. He seems to appreciate his chores; I think he feels a sense of accomplishment.

I noticed that he is more willing to do chores that have nothing to do directly with him: feeding the pets, sweeping the walk, washing the dishes, putting away the remote controls, getting and sorting the mail and bringing out the full laundry bags for me.

If I ask him to clean his own room, my request is met with heavy resistance and a lot of whining. If I ask him to put away his gaming gadgets, he lags and drags his feet.  If I ask him to fold and out away his clothes, it seems to him an insurmountable task.

So recently, I decided it was not worth all the disharmony this created in our otherwise peaceful lives. I stopped asking him to do any of the usual tasks associated with children- make his bed, hang his clothes, clean his room etc. Instead, I ask him to perform various tasks around the house I would normally handle and I take the time that frees for me to clean up his stuff/spaces.

I can tell you the whining has stopped and he seems happy to do it all. I think he finds it exciting. It is different chores every day, so it doesn’t become tedious. Meanwhile, I really like the repetitive nature of cleaning his room, folding his blankets etc.

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