Clouds – What Can Your Kids Make of Them?

Daydreaming days can be inadvertent learning days. When school friends are off for holidays, my son takes that time off too. Lots of day trips to open spaces ensue and laying on the ground to cloud watch is a favorite past time.

We went over lots of cloud information, like:

– What are clouds?

Clouds are a visible collection of fine water droplets suspended in the atmosphere. Clouds can develop in various altitudes, from just above the ground to several miles above sea level. Clouds are formed through the process of condensation, which occurs when a gas or vapor changes to a liquid.

Some common cloud formation are:

-Stratus Clouds are the grayish clouds that cover the entire sky. They look like fog that has not reached the ground. Sometimes stratus clouds may drizzle.

-Altocumulus Clouds are large, middle level, gray, puffy clouds. If you see these clouds on a warm, humid summer day, it can mean thunderstorms may be on their way.

-Cirrus clouds are high, thin and wispy clouds blown about by strong winds and appear like long streamers. They form at about 20,000 feet from the ground. They are so thin, the sun can be seen through them.  They are usually a sign of pleasant weather.

-Cumulus clouds are low, puffy clouds that look like floating cotton. The base is flat and the top looks like rounded towers. They can develop into a thunderstorm cloud.

For more cloud information, visit Weatherwiz Kids

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