College Bound? Start Planning Early

In our homeschooling group, I overheard some mom with older kids who would be in seventh and eighth grades talking fervently about the college-bound checklist. I like to know what is coming around the corner so this conversation was of interest.

Across the line, I think the homeschooling parents I know feel intimidated with the thought of being prepared for college after homeschool.


The truth is that homeschoolers are admitted to and sometimes sought by colleges and universities. As an example, Harvard College has never required a high school diploma for admission; a Stanford University form letter informs  homeschooled applicants that a high school diploma is not necessary for admission. However, we should still be diligent in our planning and preparation. These vital steps can mean the difference between financial help, including full scholarships, or nothing.


For resources, look no further than the College Board, which is the organization that sponsors the SAT I and SAT II college-entrance tests, which in response to the number of  questions about home-schooled applicants has great resources for planning, including:


-timetable for college entrance exams

-course of study college requirements

-AP courses

-transcript samples


-examples college bound journeys


As you prepare, also keep in mind extracurricular activities are very important and not to be overlooked.


As mentioned earlier, most colleges will require nothing but entrance exams. However, if your child would like to obtain a high school diploma, there are many options; Lincoln Academy is one.

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