Cursive Writing Apps

Many elementary schools are no longer teaching cursive. In our homeschool community it seems few of us are teaching it.  I heard the argument that because of technology it’s not really necessary.  There is also the argument that there is too much to learn with not enough time.  I think the answer lies in flexibility. Why not combine lessons to include technology, cursive and writing a story for example? If your child has a tablet like the Ipad it can be done.  Here are two apps I use often to help my child learn cursive as he practices a lesson.  These apps are free and very user friendly.

Cursive Writing Apps

Cursive Writing 1.2

Cursive Writing is an application for all ages. It  can be utilized as a first step into learning cursive writing.

This easy and fun to use.

It provides not only letter by letter but 200+ words, which show the user how individual(lower and upper case) letters are combined into words, all with a stroke of a finger.


– Learn to write both upper-case and lower-case letters A to Z

– Each letter is shown the way to trace it

– Stroke guidelines and pronunciation of each letter are provided

– Practice connecting the letters together

Learn Cursive Writing

The Learn Cursive Writing app teaches cursive writing by finger touch.  Alphabets A to Z (Capital and Lower case letters) in cursive manner. It also introduces common words and sentences to learn cursive writing


-Smooth writing brush

-Color palette with many color selection facility -Eraser and Clear all feature to erase or to clear your screen

These apps are available for download at the App Store.

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