De-schooling – A Necessary Step

Pre-school was a great experience for my son. Kindergarten was a different story.  Two months in, I began to notice the first signs of what would eventually become full out panic attacks.  When, after investigating, I finally found the source of my son’s anxiety, I realized he needed a break.

Initially, homeschooling was, for us, a reprieve. I had no idea three years later we would still be at it. It was supposed to be a break until we could find a better school.

The first few days, we took it easy. However, after a week, I became anxious to start homeschooling. To pick up where he dropped off from school. When he did not cooperate, I quickly spiraled into my own panic attack. I berated myself for taking him out of school and now ensuring he would grow up to be a good for nothing bum. Yes, a little overdramatic, I know. If it had not been for a friend stepping in to tell me about a process called de-schooling, our homeschooling would have suffered an early demise.

De-schooling is the step that must take place after leaving school and before commencing homeschooling. It is a time to stop and rest, body, mind and spirit. It is the time children need to unwind and rest from the stress they may have experienced while in a school environment.

Once I knew this, I backed off completely. For how long, you ask?  For us, it was a little over three months.  It’s different for everyone, I would think depending largely on how long a child has been going to school and not enjoying it.

This time turned out to be important for me as well. I needed to relax and shed my worries (or at least some of them) so that joyful learning could commence unencumbered.

Article By Nuria Almeida

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