Describe It! Game

Describe It! Game

This year, I’m teaching a creative writing class at our co-op. The students are learning how to use just the right words to describe objects, pets, and people. So to practice, we played a “describing” game. This game worked well with a large group, but it could easily be played by just two or three.


Brown Paper Lunch Bags

Small recognizable objects that will fit in the bags, such as a:

  • toy car
  • spoon
  • fork
  • Lego
  • bottle of glue
  • pencil
  • sponge

To Prepare

Put one object into each bag. For our game, I had eleven students, so I had enough for one bag per student plus one or two extra. Next, have each child choose a bag. Instruct the students not to open the bags or try to feel the object inside.

If you have enough children, you can divide into teams. Otherwise, you can just take turns.

To Play

Have Player #1 place her hand inside the bag and feel the object. No peeking! She has one minute to describe the object to the other players. She can say what it feels like, but she may not say how it is used. She might use words like bumpy, smooth, hard, squishy, soft, metal, plastic, fluffy, fuzzy, rectangular, circular, breakable, thin, or thick. As she describes it, the other students try to guess what the object is.

Because we played as two teams, I just let the students call out their ideas (similar to charades). If Player #1’s team didn’t guess correctly, I gave the other team a chance.

Keeping Score

You can keep score as you play. The team or individual who guesses the most correctly, wins. If you have only one student playing, take turns describing and guessing the object, awarding points for correct guesses.

We’ve had a lot of fun with the Describe It! game!

What word games do your students enjoy?


Photo by Holtsman

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