Doing Your Best

doing your best

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My oldest son is very good in math; in fact, he wants to major it in next year when he goes to college. My next child says she “hates math” – she does all right, but it’s a bit of a struggle getting through the lessons, and she has to work really hard at it. Of course, some kids will excel in some areas, while others excel in different ways. I don’t require that my kids be great in everything, just that they are sure they are doing their best. And I know they understand that “lesson.”

Doing Your Best with Others

But what I want them to be sure to grasp is that they should always do their best, especially if what they are doing impacts someone else – even just one other person. Are they working on a group project? They need to do their best, even if everyone else in the group is goofing off. Are they giving a presentation to a co-op class? They need to do their best, practicing their speech and creating great visual aids. Are they going to babysit a friend’s children? They need to do their best, planning activities and being engaged with the children, not just turning on a video for them to watch.

Doing Your Best For Others

There are times when we might feel like what we are doing doesn’t require our best effort. Sometimes when my children and I go to the nursing home to perform, there are only a handful of residents there to listen. Sometimes our family is the only one that comes. During times like these, it’s easy to think that it doesn’t really matter; that the residents won’t really care, and there’s no one else there to listen. But that’s when we need to do our very best – to show the residents that they are important, that they are worth the effort, that we are so glad to see each one.

Actions do speak louder than words, and doing your best for someone else speaks even louder still.

In what areas are your children challenged to do their best?

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