Don’t Homeschool Food

One of the main reasons we pulled our son out of school was because of food. Not cafeteria food because he had a bagged lunch from home. The food issue that we witnessed developing in him during the 5 short months in kindergarten were staggering.

He and his classmates were told they had to finish their entire lunch before they would be allowed to go to recess.  Kids who could not finish languished inside until recess was over.  It was an awful practice of control, manipulation and coercion using a basic need (nourishment) as it’s basis.

Humans are born knowing how to eat. A newborn cries in hunger and the parent feeds the baby, and watches for the signs that show the baby is full.

Unfortunately, as parents we are encouraged to stop demand feeding early and to start feeding our baby on a schedule. Demand feeding – eating when hungry, what you crave, and stopping when you have had enough – is the natural process. When we stray far from this instant eating and weight conflicts develop.

Since we are together all the time in our homeschooling journey, I make sure to respect my son’s nourishment needs. I don’t, as I have seen other homeschooling families do, inflict the same eating schedule children suffer in school during our learning time. Nor do I force him to eat all the food on his plate.  I honor him by allowing him to eat his personal fullness. It will ensure his health and vitality when he is an adult.

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